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May 14, 2018

Chapter 1

Wednesday 4:27 pm

No matter how nice you make a waiting room, it is still a waiting room. No amount of nice decorations or free reading material can ever change the fact that it is a room dedicated to one of mankind's least favorite activities. Sometimes I wond...

March 9, 2018

(Ethan’s Perspective)

I don’t understand what’s wrong, we were getting along just fine yesterday. What did I do wrong? I can’t apologize if I don’t know what is upsetting you. If we are going to make this relationship work we need to start communicating better.

I don’t w...

March 2, 2018

(Natalie’s Perspective)

Okay today is the big day! I have been preparing all weekend for this. Telling my friends and family, picking out what to wear, and making treats for after the ceremony. It’s amazing how much planning has to go into something like this. I’m so gl...

February 24, 2018

(Ethan’s Perspective)

Ever since I first saw you I knew you were not like all the other girls. You wore those cool shoes with stars that light up everytime you take a step. And you chewed gum all through class and didn’t get caught by the teacher once.

Here at recess I l...

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