Very Young Love Part 1 The Proposal

February 24, 2018

(Ethan’s Perspective)


Ever since I first saw you I knew you were not like all the other girls. You wore those cool shoes with stars that light up everytime you take a step. And you chewed gum all through class and didn’t get caught by the teacher once.


Here at recess I learned that there was more to you than just looks. You became the undefeated champion of the tetherball pole, and you kicked no good Norman Brown right in the shins when he tried to steal my glasses.


I bet there are plenty of guys who have approached you with offers like the one I am about to make to you, but before I ask you, I want you to know that I’m not like those other guys. I took second place at last year’s science fair and I would have taken first if Alecia Noel’s father had not done her whole project for her, after all what kid has a chance against a chemical engineer?


I love to read, in fact I’m almost halfway through Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone. One time I even managed to read three magic treehouse books in just one day!


I got you this as gift. I had to trade two of my best Pokemon cards to Evan Ross to get it, but you are worth it.


I know we have only known each for two days but I feel like it’s time for us to take our relationship to the next level.


(ring ring ring)


Oh recess is over so I will make this quick.


Will you Natalie Myers take this glow in the dark mechanical pencil and make me the happiest nine year old in this whole playground, by agreeing to be my study hall partner?




 Come back next Friday for Part two


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