Very Young Love Part 2 The Wedding

March 2, 2018


(Natalie’s Perspective)


Okay today is the big day! I have been preparing all weekend for this. Telling my friends and family, picking out what to wear, and making treats for after the ceremony. It’s amazing how much planning has to go into something like this. I’m so glad the waiting is almost  over. I can’t believe I’m getting partnered today!


Okay calm down this is a big deal I need to be serious. Just walk to class with your chin held high. Don’t walk too fast, but don’t walk too slow either. On second thought maybe I’ll just stop by the bathroom real quick before I go to class.


Okay breath… You can do this.


Oh I don’t know if I can do this!


What if he’s not a good partner? What if I’m not a good partner? I’ve never been someone’s partner before, I’m not sure I’m ready for this kind of a commitment!


No Natalie this is what you wanted. Remember how excited you were when he asked you to be his partner? He is the smartest boy in the fourth grade he will be a great partner. And you will be a great partner to. You are a big girl now, you made a whole batch of chocolate chip cookies all by yourself yesterday. You are going to go into study hall and enjoy those cookies with your new partner and everything will be just fine.


Now hurry up and get to class before you are late.


Alright you made it just in time. Now walk down the aisle, between the desks, and take your seat.


Okay Mrs. Briggs is assigning the study hall partners now, this is it, I need to be ready to raise my hand. I’m starting to get nervous again I hope I don’t mess this up.


She is looking down at the list, looking for another name. She looks up again as she says “Who would like to be Ethan’s Partner?”

I raise my hand as I say “I do!”


Come back next Friday for the final part of this flash fiction trilogy!


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